Why You Should Run For Political Office As A Reform Party Candidate

COMING SOON - A detailed article about why you should consider running for political office as a Reform Party candidate, and how to get started.

The largest percentage of Americans in history want a third party. These polling results help to start to define the platform for independent candidates seeking office in 2018, and represent the best opportunity in nearly 40 years for independent candidates to win, and a centrist third-party to elect candidates to all levels of government.




Education reform is a very important issue. However, both parties have demonstrated poor leadership on education policy, which is harming our children and their future. We need ideas - a focus on futurism, personalized learning, and apprenticeship.

The "International Politics" page "Foreign Policy" category are the hub for all US foreign policy and international political topics and discussions. My goal is cover hot spots (such as the "Middle East") and topics (such as "terrorism") that are in the news, but I also am very interested in Latin America as a region and the general movement of people away from large, centralized, unresponsive, and in some cases oppressive, governments towards more localized and personalized government.

The health care policy debate in the U.S. has been waging for many years. While there were some benefits to Obamacare / ACA, it is structurally an unsustainable program. However, the GOP has unveiled horrible legislative alternatives and acts as if health care is not a policy priority for their party, or the country.