When I am out alone, or with my wife, it is not uncommon for me to engage people who are Spanish-speakers. My wife is Peruvian. Through my travels throughout Latin America, I have gained enough Spanish that I can communicate with native Spanish speakers. Though my wife understands English, trying to speak on her own
Lisa Howard with Fidel Castro - Photo - National Security Archive
This morning, I stumbled upon, “‘My Dearest Fidel’: An ABC Journalist’s Secret Liaison With Fidel Castro,” by Peter Kornbluh, who works at the National Security Archive in Washington, DC. This is an absolutely gripping article on Lisa Howard. For those who do know of her, Lisa Howard was an American journalist, writer and television news anchor.
The only way to fight such darkness is by living a life connected to others
When a person stops valuing life, a part of him ceases to be bound by love, decency, and respect, by rational thought, and the thought of others.   When a person stops valuing life, their bond to the rest of humankind is broken. No law or rule will repair that bond. And though it may
Ivanka Trump - Red Eyes - Politico
In story published on Politico today about Ivanka Trump getting an office in West Wing of the House House, but not becoming a government employee (Ivanka Trump set to get West Wing office as role expands), the online political journal uses a large photo of the first daughter with a serious face, a dark maroon
ESPN Patriots vs Seattle Story Incorrectly Has Broncos
Anyone see anything wrong with this headline: “Butler’s play will be revisited when Patriots face Broncos” I am not going to obsess on the topic of ESPN’s decline in quality over the years, but I will say that it has been noticed by a lot of people in the comment sections for ESPN’s articles, and it
Political News
There seems to be concern from all sides of the American public about the lack of objective journalism in mass media, and the breakdown of the traditional wall that stood between reporters and the politicians they covered. Well, the truth is – mass media is changing. The politicization of reporting is just an example of


Why You Should Run For Political Office As A Reform Party Candidate

COMING SOON - A detailed article about why you should consider running for political office as a Reform Party candidate, and how to get started.


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The largest percentage of Americans in history want a third party. These polling results help to start to define the platform for independent candidates seeking office in 2018, and represent the best opportunity in nearly 40 years for independent candidates to win, and a centrist third-party to elect candidates to all levels of government.