It’s time the U.S. stopped playing a weak rhetorical game, and rally the nations of the Americas to end the tragedy of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s criminal socialist dictatorship. Last Wednesday, in a move that has effectively eliminated the voice of the people and any opposition to the government, Maduro’s appointed members of the Supreme
Colombia Land Mines
It is a truly foreign concept to many of us here in the US, but in many countries throughout the world, the use of land mines is a serious issue. Many terrorist organizations use land mines to kill and create chaos in whatever twisted campaign they are waging. The people who suffer are children and
Venezuela Soap Opera Banned - Hugo Chavez
As if Venezuelans do not have enough challenges. Facing a 50% devaluation in their currency (announced by Chavez this past weekend), record crime rates, power outages, collapsing industrial infrastructure and food shortages, President Chavez is asking film producers to alter Venezuela’s beloved soap operas or telenovelas to make “socialist soap operas” as part of his


Why You Should Run For Political Office As A Reform Party Candidate

COMING SOON - A detailed article about why you should consider running for political office as a Reform Party candidate, and how to get started.


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The largest percentage of Americans in history want a third party. These polling results help to start to define the platform for independent candidates seeking office in 2018, and represent the best opportunity in nearly 40 years for independent candidates to win, and a centrist third-party to elect candidates to all levels of government.