Key Facts For This Story: The federal government collected a record of $736 billion in individual income taxes over the last six months. The previous record was set during the same period last year. Social Security and payroll tax revenues were down slightly from the same six-month period last year, and corporate income taxes were
September 11, 2001 - Never Forget
The Reform Party of Virginia release my statement today on the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001: “Today, we remember one of the darkest times in our nation’s history. “We remember brave acts. We remember the souls of our loved ones, and those souls our fellow Americans loved. “This was a
Reform Party - National
The situation at the University of Virginia reminds us that hate still exists in the country, and that no matter how far we move as a society, that the fringe right will stand against progress. The actions of Nazis, Neo-Confederates and Klansman in Virginia symbolize the worst in American politics, and showcases to the world
Reform Party - National
Many politicians and political parties change with the wind, and move in the direction of least resistance. The Reform Party has stood proudly against the establishment since 1996, and will not move away from opening the ballots, ending gerrymandering and limiting the influence of lobbyists on legislators. True reform in the United States will be
Reform Party - Florida
Reform Party of Florida Chairman and disability issues activist Paul Bachmann is running for Florida State House District 66. Even though this is his first run for office, Mr. Bachmann has been participating in the American political process for ten years. He has worked on several campaigns in the past, and has an extensive political
Reform Party - National
The Reform Party is its own party, and does not actively support the Democrats or the Republicans. It runs its own candidates, and opposes officeholders from both parties including President Trump. We would however like to state that it was possible for the Democrats to win in South Carolina District 5 and Georgia District 6
Reform Party - National
Today’s shooting in Alexandra is a reminder of not just how divided we are as a nation, but that some radicals on both the left and the right resort to violence. In the United States of America, violence is neither necessary nor beneficial. In American politics we change our government at the ballot box, and
Reform Party - National
In recent polls, President Donald Trump’s approval rating sits at 34 percent. There are several reasons for this low approval rating, and the Reform Party would like to point out several issues that have negatively affected Trump’s administration. The Reform Party has highlighted these nine issues, and wishes to offer advice on them: The White
House Speaker Paul Ryan
Last week, in an effort to make changes to the U.S. healthcare system, the House Republicans managed to persuade some hold-outs to pass a self-titled Obamacare repeal bill called the American Health Care Act (AHCA). With the legislation focused heavily on banning funding for abortion, adding billions in funding for subsidies to off-set those removed,
EpiPen - Government Reform
Health care is an area where the American people have been subjected to horrible price gouging as a result of bad laws. The EpiPen debacle is one example how a corrupt legislative process has made a few people very rich at the expense of millions of American taxpayers. Basically, Mylan bought up the patent on


Why You Should Run For Political Office As A Reform Party Candidate

COMING SOON - A detailed article about why you should consider running for political office as a Reform Party candidate, and how to get started.


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The largest percentage of Americans in history want a third party. These polling results help to start to define the platform for independent candidates seeking office in 2018, and represent the best opportunity in nearly 40 years for independent candidates to win, and a centrist third-party to elect candidates to all levels of government.